Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Does my bumper come primed?
    Yes, All our products come primed with a water-based primer, and ready to paint.

  • Can you paint the bumper cover to match my car?
    Unfortunately no, our products come ready to paint, but they must be taken to a local body shop to be painted.

  • Are these bumpers aftermarket?
    No, All our products are OEM remanufactured pieces that were minorly damaged and have been repaired to like new condition.

  • How is my bumper packaged?
    We create a unique package for each shipped product using a damaged bumper to offer maximum protection during shipping.

  • Do you sell other automotive parts (windshields, headlamps, hoods, etc.)?
    We specialize solely in OEM bumper covers, spoilers and reinforcements.

  • Can you fix my bumper?
    Yes, If you are local you can bring it down to our location (See Contact), and we can determine if it is repairable. However due to the cost of shipping bumpers it is not possible to ship a bumper to be repaired.

  • How do I prepare my bumper to be painted?
    All our reconditioned bumper covers are primed with Hydroflex waterborne acrylic urethane primer. Because this primer is water based, wet sanding can create a blister in some non absorbent plastics. We recommend to dry sand with 400 grit sand paper to a smooth surface and then paint. Some textured areas can be scuffed with a scotch pad, before painting. No area should be left unpainted. Even the factory unpainted areas need to painted to match.

    If you have any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us here.